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Welcome to the digital house for Powered Abbotsford sound professionals.

Exactly what does that imply for you personally?

If you are able to generate your vehicle seem fantastic, repair an issue by means of your radio in your vehicle, or place a stereo in your boat or motor cycle, and you would like to have the knowledge of how to proceed to accomplish it right - we understand how, we've got the correct components and gear, and we've got the very best technicians to get all of it helping you you personally.

Investing in a car head unit that is great these times can seem to be endeavor that is challenging - your stereo may be liked by you, but desire it caused cellphone or your mp3-player or sounded better. You question whether it is possible to include routing and if your steering-wheel controls will still function using a fresh method. You would like to have more bass but do not need to drop any room.

All all these are legitimate issues, when speaking with you, but they aren't also considered by a lot of shops. Luckily, Powered Sound knows give an answer you will adore and the best way to tackle them all and comprehends all of the worries, without busting your financial plan!

And - we have been much more than sound. In addition, we offer the most recent car safety technologies to maintain your car secure, with smart mobile phone-integrated safety methods that allow you to discover, monitor as well as distant-start your car or truck from any place on the planet, all from Droid your I-phone or Blackberry. Supporting our clients remain not dangerous is not unimportant to us. Our back-up cameras offer you eyes to the rear of your automobile that allow you back-up safely in poor lighting conditions or busy parking lots.

When your trip is lengthier than your small people may possibly "love," we have got you protected with back-couch theatre options that allow them see an educational film or play an enjoyable game while you can savor your preferred songs and remain centered on the trail, maybe not on a possible World-War 3 breaking out in the backseat!

Automobiles and vans are what many folks think of when they learn we're the "car stereo men," but we adore all cellular trips - motor cycles, motorboats, jetskis, RVs, ATVs - actually, something using a battery that will go! Oh yes - stereos have been completed by us to all of them.

Powered Sound may provide you with all the best equipment to ensure the sound-track to your experiences stones like it will, in the event you want to escape as well as cruise on a bagger or learn more about the back-woods paths!

Best Roof Repair Contractors in Manhattan

My roof took some damage in a recent storm, and I want to get it repaired before it gets any worse. I am not sure what the extend of the damage is really, but I know that a branch or a tree limb, or something, hit my roof and knocked off some shingles. So I am gonig to have to hire a contractor for roof repair in Manhattan NY and hopefully I can get this work started within the next day or so. I do not think it will be more than a one day job, but I guess it could take longer if they find more damage to the roof than I am anticipating. I sure hope that won't be the case, but I guess you never know.

The shingles on the roof are kind of old, but I don't think that they really need to all be replaced at this time. I think that they were put on the roof about 15 years ago, but I'd have to look through some records to figure that out for sure. I know that shingles typically have a life of 20 to 30 years and so it would be nice if I could just pay for some minor repairs now and then wait another 5 years or so before actually having all of the shingles replaced. That way I won't have to pay nearly as much money now, and I will be saving money in the long run as well by getting more life out the shingles. Of course, I will probably rely on whatever the contractor has to say about the shingles. So if they strongly recommend that I go ahead and have them replaced right now, then that is probably what I am going to have to do then.

Fixing Up My First Home

I never thought I would own my own home. I have lived in apartments my whole life and although I desperately wanted to be a home owner, I figured that crippling poverty would keep me from ever realizing that dream. As it turns out I just needed to work hard towards my goals. I found a good job in a field I enjoyed and saved every last penny for a home. I bought a fixer upper and I knew it needed to be rewired so I found a company that does electrical services in Passaic County NJ to come and take care of it.

Next on the agenda was windows. The windows were lovely looking but terribly drafty and not at all energy efficient. So I had all the windows replaced, with the exception of the beautiful stained glass window in the hallway. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of that.

After those things were taken care of I had to find someone to redo the hardwood floors that were beautiful but had seen nearly one hundred years of people running over them. I found a contractor who was able to save a lot of the original flooring and he made it all look good as new. It really gleamed. I wanted to have the bannister's redone completely but he talked me out of that, saying that they added character to the space. This was a great idea as I had already sunk a lot of time and money into the project. Even with my savings it took a few years to get all of the renovations done, mostly because I wanted things to be true to the home's original character rather than save money. I know that in the end my refurbished home will be beautiful and will last for years to come.

My Wife Reminded Me Repeatedly to Take Care of Our Roof

I like to take care of things so that my wife won't worry. She worries about all sorts of things because she cares a lot about me and our children. She does not want any of us harmed, and if she feels things are not taken care of, trouble will often be not very far behind. She is right, and I try to do what I can to keep up with everything. I can't always do that though, and calling in for roof repair in queens is what I ended up needing to do because I had my hands full with so many other things that I needed to deal with.

My wife loves to make to-do lists for me, and it is a good thing that she does because I can be very disorganized. Most other guys I know would be annoyed by it, but I welcome it. I also know those guys are incredibly disorganized and have trouble keeping everything in balance. My spouse helps keep my to-do list updated, moves things up and down the list in order of importance, reminds me and so much more. She had been telling me to work on the roof, but I kept putting it off. It is the one thing that she had been begging me to do, and I kept putting it off. I regret that now.

I had gone up to the roof to do a little bit of patching here and there. I figured everything would hold until I could really take some time to get up there and do a much thorough job. But now that I look back on it, I realized that I was making excuses. I simply did not like spending time on the roof because it is a lot of work to fix things up there. When our bathroom ceiling began leaking because I had been putting things off for so long, I knew it was my wife. I had it fixed immediately.

Still Working on My Summer Job

I was hoping that I could find a better summer job, one where you have air conditioning and lots of girls. However I am doing the same thing that I did last year, working for a place that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY. It is pretty much a grueling job when it is really hot like it has been recently, because there is not any place to hide from the sun when you are on a roof. In fact it is better this year than it was last year, because last year I learned how to do a few things and so I am getting paid like I know what is up. I am also not being used as a beast of burden. I still have to help take things up the ladder to the roof, but it is not nearly so bad as it was when I had no ability to do much else.That can really be tough, although not having skill was also pretty good since they would let you take the truck to run errands instead of having it done by people that were needed on top of the roof. However a lot of the time I would simply be spending all of my time climbing up and down to the roof carrying what I could. You really have to be smart about that, you can not get in too big of a hurry and you can not try to carry so much that you start to fall out. If the fire escape helps you out that is really great, especially when you compare it to going up a thirty foot ladder carrying a five gallon bucket full of the stuff that you put on a roof. After a bit that really gets to be tiring.

My Tree Was Struck by Lightning

I thought that if a storm would end up causing a tree to come down, then it would be a pretty severe one. I learned the other day that is not the case. We had a very quick thunderstorm pass through the area, and no one really gave it much thought because it was nothing big at all. However, we all heard the snap outside, which is amazing because I never heard a tree get struck by lightning like that. I knew that I was going to have to contact a tree service in Long Island as soon as I went outside to see what was going on. We have a few acres, and there are probably two dozen trees on it. One of the trees that is close to the house is a good 60 or 70 feet tall, and it is the one that got struck by the lightning. Part of the tree was still standing, but about half of it was on the ground. I knew that there was no way I would be able to clean that mess up on my own because I just did not have the right equipment for it.By the time I went back inside, the sun was shining again, that is how quick the storm came and went. I called my neighbor since he had just recently had some tree work done, and he gave me the number of the tree company that did it for him. They were able to come out the next day, and they suggested that I just have the entire tree taken down because it was not structurally strong anymore. They were able to have it down and removed in just a few hours, and you cannot even tell that there was a tree there now!

Fixing Up My Mom's House

This is sort of a long term project, because my Mom is not ready to leave her place. She also is not really able to fix it up herself or keep it in good shape. So me and my brothers have started to do some serious work it on it. The priority is to make it comfortable for her to live in it, so we have been getting some quotes on air conditioning installation in NYC. So far we have not really liked the numbers that we have gotten back and so we are trying to figure out if we can do all or part of the job by ourselves. Of course this is not something you want to botch, so we are not married to the idea. We just want to take a close look at how it gets done and figure out if we can manage all or part of the job.The first thing is to remove the old system and we actually figure that we can do that. In fact there is a small incentive to do it, since there are some scrap metal parts in it than can be salvaged and sold to help finance the project. At current scrap metal prices, it is not going to really make a huge dent in the costs, but it is certainly worth the effort. In fact it might be better to hold on to the copper from it in the hope that the price of scrap copper will go up. After that we figure that we can buy the new HVAC units and put them where they need to be. After that it will be time to bring in some guy who knows which end of a screwdriver goes in the socket. We definitely do want to play with the electrical part of it.

Termites Destroyed an Abandoned Outbuilding

When I bought an old farmhouse close to New York City, I knew that I was incredibly lucky. No one had lived there for years, and the outbuildings were in deplorable condition. The house was surprisingly nice though, even with years of neglect. I bought everything as-is, without knowing if it was even inhabitable. Anyone who understands real estate in NYC can absolutely understand that with the price that I paid for the property itself. I knew after looking at one of the sheds that I needed a company that does termite removal in New York City before I made any decisions on the house itself.

I had no problem tearing the house down and starting from scratch if that was what was needed. I actually hoped though that the termite damage I had seen in the shed was restricted just to that one outbuilding though. The house did not look anything like the shed, which was a good sign, but I also knew from studying about termite damage that it did not mean that the termites had not done damage inside the house that was just not visible. It seemed likely that the damage in both spots would look about the same, but I was not taking any chances.

I looked at several different companies, and I was able to find the one that I wanted to use. I called them about what I had seen, and I scheduled an appointment for that same week for someone to come out and do a complete inspection. As predicted, the termites had definitely been in several outbuildings, and I was so thankful when I was told that there was no evidence in the house. They did a perimeter inspection of the house as well and set up bait traps, but none were found when they came back out. It was such a relief to know that I only had to tear down the outbuildings, and I get to put the old house back to its glory!

Chilliwack Owner Upgrades 2010 Monterey Audio System
A fresh customer from B C, found Powered Sound to update his 2010 22? Monterey system that is audio and include light. We adore operating on boats, so investigate update choices and we were delighted to meet up with him. The vessel had an existing speakers that is underwater but was without a few places, including bass, clarity, quantity and connection to his smart phone. There was likewise a severe insufficient lights, which makes it dangerous to move the boat during the night around. Our staff upset what we experienced was his greatest answer after spending lots of time together with the customer, and our thought was adored by him. At the period, we set up him with the installation consultation. Kenwood Marine Stereo Provides Sound Sources that are Several Chilliwack Operator Updates 2010 Monterey Sound System July 31, 2015 By Tony Leave a Comment Audio A fresh customer from B C, found Powered Sound to update his 2010 22? Monterey system that is audio and include light. We adore operating on boats, so investigate update choices and we were delighted to meet up with him. The vessel had an existing speakers that is underwater but was without a few places, including bass, clarity, quantity and connection to his smart phone. There was likewise a severe insufficient lights, which makes it dangerous to move the boat during the night around. Our staff upset what we experienced was his greatest answer after spending lots of time together with the customer, and our thought was adored by him. At the period, we set up him with the installation consultation. Kenwood Marine Stereo Provides Sound Sources that are Several Monterey Sound with Kenwood Radio Universal Serial Bus, sirius-xm, and Blue Tooth are accessible resources to the Kenwood Sea head-unit. Straight away, we knew we needed to change the present stereo out. A KMRM312BT was picked by us for reasons that were a number of. It offered both Wireless and USB connection to him, therefore his portable devices all could easily be played. Plus, it enabled us to put in a sirius-xm receiver therefore he can enjoy satellite-radio while on the water. We created a custom mounting plate from white starboard to provide an elegant, finished appearance to it, as the component was smaller compared to last stereo. Kenwood Remote Control For Finger-Tip Stereo Control We added Kenwood operator in the helm to offer control over his songs to him in the other side of the vessel. JL Audio Marine Speakers For Excellent Sounding Water-Resistant Sound Next, we changed out the present entrance and back loudspeakers in the vessel with JL Sound M650CCX-c-g-WH 6.5" speakers, providing the vessel a tremendous leap in audio quality. JL is well-known for overbuilding their products that are sea, make theirs the best goods on the water. Powered Sound is pleased to be a company associate with JL Sound. Great Seeming Low-End From Audio Now, what good is not way better silence without some great lowend bass speaker? That looks like the single largest thing now, with a lack of motorboats. We added a JL Sound M10IB-c-g-WH 10" sub-woofer, therefore you can now feel the audio along with notice it. JL Audio Amp Supplies Total System Electricity for this Sound Upgrade You must have the ability to listen to it at speed to the water in case you are planning to improve your underwater speakers and also make it seem better. A amp is called for by that. We returned to JL Sound, picking their M700 5 amp. It generates more than 700 watts of energy that is clean and utilizes an incredibly successful layout, therefore now concert-level sound is a real possibility on the water. Reliable Battery Assures Risk-Free Beginning For The Excursion House Anybody who possesses a boat understands they invest a lot of moment calming at their objective, therefore we developed the program to run-off a battery that is second. That removed the chance for the system that was stereo leaving him trapped and emptying his primary battery, which can not be safe from the water. Today our customer may enjoy soothing at locations like Harrison Pond or Cultus Lake, fully assured when it's time to head home, that his boat may begin. Highlight Light For Design And Security The last touch because of this construct was to include LED accent lights that is blue. Custom plexi-glass bands were created by us round the loudspeakers that produce a lovely glow of light that was blue, and we added lights that was blue in tactical sections of the vessel, which makes it secure to move during the nighttime. The newest lights also provided an elegant, attractive appearance that really trigger the make-up of the inside to the vessel. He was delighted with all the last product when the customer found grab his Monterey. From your audio quality to finish and the match, he was loving it all. Our evening, and that made. Visit To-Day To Discuss Updates To Your Boat We welcome you to visit Powered Sound if you are looking for to get light update or a sea sound update for the vessel. Construct and our crew of specialists works together beside you to to create the updates you've got always desired.
Ladies, Let Your Smartphone Reduce Driving Stress
Today there's, as a result of Automobile and CarPlay! Apple has established an awesome technology called CarPlay, which operates with the iphone-5 and newer, and Yahoo developed Android Car for cellphones working 5.0 or above. These systems supply a risk-free means for one to keep on while maintaining your fingers on the wheel as well as your eyes traveling, utilizing the ease of your smartphone. Yet another benefit is the way basic it's to the fact as well as use that it will not need any training to utilize it. In many automobiles, a fresh head unit can be installed by Powered Sound in your dashboard which will give you these new systems and benefits. Multi-tasking Along With Your Smart Phone Securely In Your Vehicle I believe many of you'd agree our lifestyles are not idle. I presume you had also agree that a lot people invest lots of time time in the vehicle, whether it is travelling to and from work or driving the children forth and back to sports training, music lessons and much more. Automobile and CarPlay supply yet another approach to multi-task and utilize our time well to us. What girl does not love yet another means produce and to multi-task more use of her period? Image This Scenario You jump in your vehicle, running to just take your child to to apply. You put your mobile to the USB slot, which can be today in your car or truck. Suddenly, you are obtaining step by step voice directions on the best way to get to your own own destination. Perhaps in addition, you realize because you had been busy getting the children ready, you forgot to answer a youthful text. Today, all you must do is state, "Send a text to Jane Wilson--Would you want to come at 5 p.m. to morrow?" Simply like this, something else on your task list has become complete, and you also got your child to to apply promptly! Seems great, right? Permit Pushed Sound Make Your Life Simpler The products let you create calls, send and respond to texts, play songs, get coming events and pointers read to you personally, use Global Positioning System receiver, and possess the climate noted to you personally. In addition, they are suitable for a number of additional programs, including Spotify Radio, Stitcher. I have utilized these systems, and that I don't wish to be today that I Have noticed in becoming day-to-day tasks completed, the huge difference they make. The group at Powered Sound want to encourage you to visit our pleasant and clean shop positioned to discuss more about exactly how we are able to provide these products that are amazing to you. We adore supplying reasonable prices and excellent service to our clients. Come see us!
Intro To The Driven Audio 3 Stage Audio Upgrade Process
Sound Upgrade The personnel at Powered Sound happen to be in the business quite a while. We were about for drop and the increase of CDs and tapes. Now, high resolution lossless audio tracks set CD sound-quality to pity. Through press choices and every one of these years, our aim continues to be to provide our clients systems that are excellent sound. Exactly how that aim is achieved by us h-AS developed. In this series of posts, we are going to describe the audio update procedure we utilize to pump the wimpy speakers in your automobile up in to one you are going to adore. Inventory Sound They've several standards to equilibrium when an audio-system is designed by car producers. In the vanguard are characteristics, fat and price. Precision and the audio quality of the system that is audio frequently is not in the top ten concerns. Lightweight thin loudspeakers, small energy as well as an emphasis on mid-range wavelengths that make AM stereo as "clear" as CDs do-no rights to also an extremely compacted Music file. The present day factory car stereo, at-best, sounds "Oklahoma" to everybody aged 18 to 80. Nevertheless, it certainly does not seem amazing! What Labored Before... It was once that you can swap your stereo out and drive-away using a huge smile in your face. The newest stereo might have significantly better sound, more features and more power. Contemporary factory stereos have only as many attributes as after-market types, and a few have advice screens or heater handles that people tend not to need to left. Sometimes, it's just not possible to to restore radio stations. Factory loudspeakers, also in the many superior methods, can-not hold a candle to what's accessible in the after market now. Also their greatest are constructed to be light-weight and affordable. Superior brands may be seen by you on factory sound systems - but generally, the extra cash you invested was on a licensing arrangement to make use of the symbol, maybe not on appear. The need for top quality, reduced-distortion loudspeakers are unable to be stressed enough. They may be the only real connection between your electronic equipment as well as your ears. Take into consideration how precisely sub-woofer techniques have developed - two decades past, you needed to give half your luggage compartment up to get a housing that is a huge to get bass that is great. Today, you will get incredible bass from less motorists in cupboards that are smaller. For a small number of automobiles that do have subs, very few of these and significantly below 50Hz can perform, and none have reality or any actual power. After-market sub-woofers are capable of significantly more pleasure trip, more low frequency output signal and far distortion. They are able to also manage more energy, which gives the visceral effect that delivers your audio alive to you. Customized Sound Update Procedures We consider the ability to customize its performance for their particular desires and needs, when we design a speakers for our customers. Some are considering precision that is astounding tonal. Some need something which performs not soft. Something which is concealed from view but matches the functionality of the most effective house sound systems is wanted by the others. Several customers need to join all the features or some. Regardless of everything you would like, Powered Sound gets the wisdom and merchandises to fulfill with your requirements - every moment and each. We are going to describe in greater detail detail our three phase system layout procedure that is audio functions in the few posts that are next. These phases are Sub- Sound woofer and Loudspeaker Systems. Some clients may choose to concentrate more on two or one facets, and we're always pleased to grant.
Stage 1 Audio Upgrade, Bring On The Bass!
Powered Sound is promoting dependable and a straightforward three-phase procedure to improve your stock speakers - and it will not begin using a stereo that was new! The three update measures are Better, More Electricity and Sub-Woofers Loudspeakers as we summarized in the intro post. We are able to customize the procedure to meet with your requirements viewing cost, functionality and room. By describing why you need to put in a sub-woofer, let us begin with our Phase 1 Audio Update. Just what A Sub-Woofer Used To Be Years past, having a sub-woofer frequently branded you as a -mind. You were into "booming" and just listened to your own program at full-volume, on residential roads, at the center of the night time. When a sub-woofer system is designed by us to your car or truck, we are able to provide a thing that performs loud, but in addition, we give attention to precision and low frequency expansion. We ensure the sub-woofer works nicely together with other loudspeakers in the car. We make an effort establish amounts to test polarity and correct cross-overs therefore it mixes perfectly. You Want It There's more bass than many folks recognize should you listen to some live music performance, as well as only the occasions of every day life. The rumble that uses a crack of magic can go well below 20 Hz. Copying these sounds using the strength that is same as in actual life requires a loudspeaker system that's created especially for that problem. The factory speakers in your car likely do not perform below 100Hz, and also superior methods with committed "subwoofers" frequently do not perform below 50 Hz. You might be passing up lots of audio! The way that It Works To copy frequencies that are low, we must transfer atmosphere - tons of it. That's a level of of 99 inches. Compare it to a-6 1/2" mid-range that's a spool region of just more than 22 22 square-inches and the skill to transfer 0.2 ins, for an overall total of 4.4 cubic inches. The subwoofer may pressurize 22.5 times mo-Re atmosphere. We are in need of energy to transfer a sub-woofer much enough to copy the sounds we should listen to. Fortunately, electricity is comparatively cheap today compared to two decades past. Contemporary amplifiers provide two times as much electricity in a frame half the dimensions as the first "large" amps. A great-quality 500-watt amplifier is a great starting place to get a subwoofer. Place Subjects Of where to put in a subwoofer in your car or truck, the option is almost endless now. Some thing could be molded by us in the part of the spare-tire or your luggage compartment well to optimize your freight area. We are able to show your design off having a completely custom-made housing with LED light and a built-in amplifier stand. We and inquire will provide. Begin Today Having A Phase 1 Sound Upgrade In the event that you are in the Abbotsford, place, BC, fall in at Powered Sound. We had be pleased to show the advantage of including a sub-woofer to your own system that is audio. It changes just how real it seems and how noisy your program plays. This can be a fantastic and immediately sensational first important step to a speakers that is amazing. In the event that you wish to just take your program to another level and love this idea, let us have a look at Phase Two.
Classic Car Audio By The Pros At Driven Audio
Classic Auto Sound At Powered Sound, traditional automobiles are loved by our employees. From all the lovely opera to the physique outlines that are shapely, they can be a banquet for the eyes. As the the inside in a timeless automobile was built to be an equally delicious feast for the eyes, that attractiveness continues in the automobile at the same time. However there's generally one factor currently without any of these beauties: a speakers that is great sound classic-car. Excellent Sounding Sound Compliments A Fantastic Traditional Car We all could have the dialogue about how wonderful that may be our sound-track, and it's to drive-up the street and pay attention to the motor. Nicely, which works just fine for short trips, but in case you are going any distance in any way, getting along some great songs for the trip is crucial. Songs may brighten our day, it might just take us right back also the noticeable street sound can be masked by it in these automobiles that are older. Three Teams Of Classic Auto Sound Customers Our classic-car customers are usually broken down by powered Sound into three teams: The Group Classiccar AudioThe first team needs some modern comforts like cd players aux input signals and radio, however they are interested in having the car to look authentic. Because of this team of clients, you can expect loudspeakers that will suit back into the places that are initial and, if needed, we make mounting plugs to to match them correctly. We're an official store for Custom Audio, plus they produce the largest collection seem nearly the same as a genuine stereo and of stereos built to easily fit into the stock dashboard place. We may also use contemporary electronic equipment to our edge as of late, so we've got an option that is great if you own an electronic device that can stream music over Blue Tooth, such as, for instance, iPod or a smart cell phone. A Blue Tooth radio can be installed by us in your car or truck and match it with loudspeakers and amps, providing you with a totally, 100%- sound system that is concealed. The Group The next team of car sound customers that are classic puts a higher-value on the speakers of the automobile but does not need the auto cut-up because the re-sale value would be affected by that. That is particularly significant for those who have a "Collector Car" assured car with special license plates. Our staff of highly-skilled technicians may build a totally stealth speakers which can be taken out of the vehicle, and without reducing the value to you. Therefore the newest types may be taken out at any given moment you retain your initial stop panels, as well as your first types return in place, placing back the car to inventory. Your resource device (or stereo, as we used to c-all it) may be a Custom Audio device which gets into the first place in the dashboard. A Blue Tooth radio can be also used by us even a Solution speakers, or as mentioned previously. We'll normally include , compact amps that are little that people are able to conceal in the car, including the Alpine - U, or the HX and amps of Audio, offering you clearness and considerably better output. For the best in quality that is sound, a sub-woofer is not dispensable. Little, streamlined enclosures may be installed that can give your songs the low end effect the performer intended, whenever desired, and they are able to be readily eliminated. The Resto- Group The next team of car sound customers that are classic is the over the top, resto- bunch. They desire a car that is classic with the characteristics that are current. We've you covered here too. Our manufacturing department will assist you to develop an automobile audio-system that can blow apart any new-vehicle in engineering and design, and provide you with concert-level quantity as well as studio-grade sound-quality. And it can be delivered by us in a install that fits the make-up of the remainder of your construct. Today, as we mentioned before, traditional automobiles are automobiles that are unbelievable, however they really are not soft. You get a head ache from most of the road and engine sound and can consider a long trip. At Powered Sound, we're specialists in management that is sound, and we are able to assist you to dramatically decrease this noise all. You'll reach your destination as when you experienced your vehicle each day, using similar grin. We welcome you to visit Powered Sound along with your car. Let us move away to it and look over it together, then spend some time observing each other. At that time, we are going to design and build something that can suit your requirements that are unique to you.

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