Fixing Up My First Home

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I never thought I would own my own home. I have lived in apartments my whole life and although I desperately wanted to be a home owner, I figured that crippling poverty would keep me from ever realizing that dream. As it turns out I just needed to work hard towards my goals. I found a good job in a field I enjoyed and saved every last penny for a home. I bought a fixer upper and I knew it needed to be rewired so I found a company that does electrical services in Passaic County NJ to come and take care of it.

Next on the agenda was windows. The windows were lovely looking but terribly drafty and not at all energy efficient. So I had all the windows replaced, with the exception of the beautiful stained glass window in the hallway. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of that.

After those things were taken care of I had to find someone to redo the hardwood floors that were beautiful but had seen nearly one hundred years of people running over them. I found a contractor who was able to save a lot of the original flooring and he made it all look good as new. It really gleamed. I wanted to have the bannister’s redone completely but he talked me out of that, saying that they added character to the space. This was a great idea as I had already sunk a lot of time and money into the project. Even with my savings it took a few years to get all of the renovations done, mostly because I wanted things to be true to the home’s original character rather than save money. I know that in the end my refurbished home will be beautiful and will last for years to come.

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