Fixing Up My Mom’s House

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This is sort of a long term project, because my Mom is not ready to leave her place. She also is not really able to fix it up herself or keep it in good shape. So me and my brothers have started to do some serious work it on it. The priority is to make it comfortable for her to live in it, so we have been getting some quotes on air conditioning installation in NYC. So far we have not really liked the numbers that we have gotten back and so we are trying to figure out if we can do all or part of the job by ourselves. Of course this is not something you want to botch, so we are not married to the idea. We just want to take a close look at how it gets done and figure out if we can manage all or part of the job.

The first thing is to remove the old system and we actually figure that we can do that. In fact there is a small incentive to do it, since there are some scrap metal parts in it than can be salvaged and sold to help finance the project. At current scrap metal prices, it is not going to really make a huge dent in the costs, but it is certainly worth the effort. In fact it might be better to hold on to the copper from it in the hope that the price of scrap copper will go up. After that we figure that we can buy the new HVAC units and put them where they need to be. After that it will be time to bring in some guy who knows which end of a screwdriver goes in the socket. We definitely do want to play with the electrical part of it.