My Wife Reminded Me Repeatedly to Take Care of Our Roof

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I like to take care of things so that my wife won’t worry. She worries about all sorts of things because she cares a lot about me and our children. She does not want any of us harmed, and if she feels things are not taken care of, trouble will often be not very far behind. She is right, and I try to do what I can to keep up with everything. I can’t always do that though, and calling in for roof repair in queens is what I ended up needing to do because I had my hands full with so many other things that I needed to deal with.

My wife loves to make to-do lists for me, and it is a good thing that she does because I can be very disorganized. Most other guys I know would be annoyed by it, but I welcome it. I also know those guys are incredibly disorganized and have trouble keeping everything in balance. My spouse helps keep my to-do list updated, moves things up and down the list in order of importance, reminds me and so much more. She had been telling me to work on the roof, but I kept putting it off. It is the one thing that she had been begging me to do, and I kept putting it off. I regret that now.

I had gone up to the roof to do a little bit of patching here and there. I figured everything would hold until I could really take some time to get up there and do a much thorough job. But now that I look back on it, I realized that I was making excuses. I simply did not like spending time on the roof because it is a lot of work to fix things up there. When our bathroom ceiling began leaking because I had been putting things off for so long, I knew it was my wife. I had it fixed immediately.

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