Stage 1 Audio Upgrade, Bring On The Bass!

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Powered Sound is promoting dependable and a straightforward three-phase procedure to improve your stock speakers – and it will not begin using a stereo that was new! The three update measures are Better, More Electricity and Sub-Woofers Loudspeakers as we summarized in the intro post. We are able to customize the procedure to meet with your requirements viewing cost, functionality and room. By describing why you need to put in a sub-woofer, let us begin with our Phase 1 Audio Update.

Just what A Sub-Woofer Used To Be

Years past, having a sub-woofer frequently branded you as a -mind. You were into “booming” and just listened to your own program at full-volume, on residential roads, at the center of the night time. When a sub-woofer system is designed by us to your car or truck, we are able to provide a thing that performs loud, but in addition, we give attention to precision and low frequency expansion. We ensure the sub-woofer works nicely together with other loudspeakers in the car. We make an effort establish amounts to test polarity and correct cross-overs therefore it mixes perfectly.

You Want It

There’s more bass than many folks recognize should you listen to some live music performance, as well as only the occasions of every day life. The rumble that uses a crack of magic can go well below 20 Hz. Copying these sounds using the strength that is same as in actual life requires a loudspeaker system that’s created especially for that problem. The factory speakers in your car likely do not perform below 100Hz, and also superior methods with committed “subwoofers” frequently do not perform below 50 Hz. You might be passing up lots of audio!

The way that It Works

To copy frequencies that are low, we must transfer atmosphere – tons of it. That’s a level of of 99 inches. Compare it to a-6 1/2″ mid-range that’s a spool region of just more than 22 22 square-inches and the skill to transfer 0.2 ins, for an overall total of 4.4 cubic inches. The subwoofer may pressurize 22.5 times mo-Re atmosphere.

We are in need of energy to transfer a sub-woofer much enough to copy the sounds we should listen to. Fortunately, electricity is comparatively cheap today compared to two decades past. Contemporary amplifiers provide two times as much electricity in a frame half the dimensions as the first “large” amps. A great-quality 500-watt amplifier is a great starting place to get a subwoofer.

Place Subjects

Of where to put in a subwoofer in your car or truck, the option is almost endless now. Some thing could be molded by us in the part of the spare-tire or your luggage compartment well to optimize your freight area. We are able to show your design off having a completely custom-made housing with LED light and a built-in amplifier stand. We and inquire will provide.

Begin Today Having A Phase 1 Sound Upgrade

In the event that you are in the Abbotsford, place, BC, fall in at Powered Sound. We had be pleased to show the advantage of including a sub-woofer to your own system that is audio. It changes just how real it seems and how noisy your program plays. This can be a fantastic and immediately sensational first important step to a speakers that is amazing.

In the event that you wish to just take your program to another level and love this idea, let us have a look at Phase Two.

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