Still Working on My Summer Job

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I was hoping that I could find a better summer job, one where you have air conditioning and lots of girls. However I am doing the same thing that I did last year, working for a place that does roof installation in Brooklyn NY. It is pretty much a grueling job when it is really hot like it has been recently, because there is not any place to hide from the sun when you are on a roof. In fact it is better this year than it was last year, because last year I learned how to do a few things and so I am getting paid like I know what is up. I am also not being used as a beast of burden. I still have to help take things up the ladder to the roof, but it is not nearly so bad as it was when I had no ability to do much else.

That can really be tough, although not having skill was also pretty good since they would let you take the truck to run errands instead of having it done by people that were needed on top of the roof. However a lot of the time I would simply be spending all of my time climbing up and down to the roof carrying what I could. You really have to be smart about that, you can not get in too big of a hurry and you can not try to carry so much that you start to fall out. If the fire escape helps you out that is really great, especially when you compare it to going up a thirty foot ladder carrying a five gallon bucket full of the stuff that you put on a roof. After a bit that really gets to be tiring.

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